Validating Product Ideas

Validating Product Ideas

Through Lean User Research

by Tomer Sharon

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    Christian Becker — Founder of leanproductable says: “When I started with product management it was usual that any research had to run through the marketing department. I had to write a lengthy briefing, then the marketing department would give advice on how to answer the question (most likely after consulting one of their suppliers) and come back with a price and timeline. After freeing the budget, the supplier could get going and after another couple of weeks, they presented some slides with data. Impact on the product was close to zero — simply because the friction between the actual question at hand and the market research was way too high. I think that every product manager should be able to do research independently. Tomer’s book is a great start with some hands-on advice on how to get going.”

    344 pages, Rosenfeld 2016

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